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«There are three things you should avoid being taken away from you, even at the cost of your own life: your light, your air and waters.«
(‘Mañana CXXIII‘, Nizar Hadidi)

The sun, a fish (‘pez’ in Spanish) and a dove (‘colom’ in Catalan) convey the abovementioned elements in need of preservation. By just adding a few letters to sun, pez and colom, one can read my full name: Asun López Colom. Under ·sun, ··pez and colom unravels a personal synopsis of the light, air and waters in my life.

·sun / light / essence

On the 1st of September of 1986, I was the third to be born in a set of triplets. This condition has determined my essence as a social being to an extent few people understand. Although our capitalist structured society lives off individualism, sharing practically everything with two other people till the age of 18 has been a sine qua non for developing a sense of collaboration, teamwork and empathy in all group situations.

··pez / waters / freedom

Liberating my thought process from predetermined truths, schemes and social conventions has a lot to do with having taken a Master’s degree in Architecture (Architecture School of Barcelona – Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya) and a Master’s degree in Anthropology: Advanced Research and Social Intervention (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona). A sense of freedom was reached when drawing, designing and deconstructing established cultural notions of identity, the built and natural landscape. Both periods of studies and the intense professional experiences gained as an architect (especially, during the last 5 years working in all the phases of projects, including design and construction management, carried out at JMP LAND.ART.SCAPE.ARCHITECTURE) have taken me to a place of new angles, complexity and depth.

colom / air / movement

Similarly to a bird, I’ve always been on the move. My dad’s profession as a geologist in the oil business, has marked a family dynamic of changing social and cultural context every 3 to 5 years. Together we lived in Oman, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Syria. At the age of 17, my sisters and I left to Spain to pursue a more stable lifestyle during our university studies. However, I continued seeking more experiences abroad and carried out a cooperation project with Universitat Sense Fronteres (NGO) in a peripheral neighbourhood in Maputo (Mozambique) in 2011 and a UPC-China visiting programme in Tsinghua University (Beijing) from 2012 till 2013.